The Free SHS Secretariat is headed by the National Coordinator and a Deputy that superintend over the effective implementation of the program.

Core Functions

    •  The Free SHS Secretariat sets standards for the effective Management and implementation of the Free SHS program in accordance with the policy and implementation guidelines
    • Manage the funding for secondary schools – Budget and Disbursement according to the approved implementation guidelines
    • Manage as part of the Student Information System, placement of students and related issues (Computerized School Selection and Placement System)
    • Act as the central depository and dissemination of information regarding the Free SHS Program
    • Set up complaints and feedback mechanisms for the public
    • Collaborate with GES to embark on desk and field verification on the following;

      a.    Declared vacancies in schools
      b.    Enrollment according to placement
      c.    Status on the utilization of funds
      d.    Supplies of food items and other approved logistics

    • In partnership with GES, embark on research with respect to enrollment and participation in the program
    • Lead and facilitate inter-agency coordination activities with respect to FSHS
    • Collaborate with GES to embark on desk and field verification on the following;

    • Propose to the Ministry, strategies to improve the FSHS Policy and its implementation
    • Commission and coordinate relevant research studies on the implementation of the FSHS program and propose possible reforms
    • Facilitate and manage the supplies of food, books and other supplies delivered to schools under Free SHS
    • Coordinate the procurement of items and supplies under Free SHS

In the 2008 and 2012 manifestos, H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo promised the implementation of Free Universal Secondary Education by making secondary education free for every Ghanaian child.

The Team

Here are key stakeholders focused on building our community.